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First of all, I am a practicing eye surgeon in the Los Angeles area, so it goes without saying that having sharp vision is very important in my line of work. For all my life I could not see even the big E on the chart without wearing glasses or contact lenses. My prescription was too high to be a good candidate for LASIK surgery. Earlier this year I decided to have my own natural lens removed and replace it with a new artificial lens that gets rid of most if not all of my eye prescription.

As an Ophthalmologist, I either know or know of nearly all of the reputable eye surgeons in the Los Angeles area. Several years ago, I had met Dr. Devgan at a national eye conference. He was giving a talk about eye surgery to an auditorium full of Ophthalmologists. I was so impressed not only on the details he knew of his craft, but also how down to earth he was. He did not come across as arrogant like many other so-call experts that I’ve met.

So when I decided to have my own eye surgery, I called Dr. Devgan to take care of my eyes. He spoke with me personally and got his staff to make an appointment for me right away. He examined my eyes and performed several tests to determine the best lens to put in each eye. Now I’ve done these lens measurements many time my self for my own patients and know the accuracy diminishes the more nearsighted one is. Nevertheless, we agreed to aim for distance in one eye and to keep me slightly nearsighted on my other eye.

I scheduled my first eye on an early Monday morning. I was given mild sedation and felt very calm. The procedure to less than 20 minutes. I felt no pain except for the occasional pressure sensation here and there. My wife drove me home and I drove myself to see him the next day with wearing a contact lens in my other eye. After the visit, I drove directly to my office and saw my usual clinic full of patients. I scheduled my other eye the following Monday morning and did exactly the same thing. The only time I took off work was the day of each surgery. I was able to resume performing surgeries a week after my second procedure.

It’s been many months since my surgeries and I am absolutely thrilled by the results. With both eyes open, I can see at a distance the 20/20 line on the chart and I can read most print most of the time without wearing any glasses for the first time in my life. I only need to wear readers rarely when it is very dark or when the print is very tiny. Having this vision allows me to examine my patients and perform surgeries without wearing glasses or contact lenses. If you need eye surgery there is no one else that I would recommend more than Dr. Devgan.

Dr. J.

Ophthalmologist and Eye Surgeon, Los Angeles

Has two of the best hands in surgery that I have ever seen!

I endorse this doctor. He is a terrific physician and surgeon, has two of the best hands in surgery that I have seen. He is always cool and collected and can handle any ophthalmic issue swiftly. There is no doubt that I would take my own family members to be treated and operated by him.

795 East Marshall Street, Suite 103
West Chester, PA 19380
Office: 610-429-3004

Dr. Monica Khitri, MD

Excellent physician and mentor in the field of Ophthalmology!

Excellent physician and mentor in the field of ophthalmology. He has taught me numerous surgical tips through lectures I’ve attended and by email correspondence.

2720 Main St # 1
Bridgeport, CT 06606-5363

Dr. Daniel S. Kessler, MD

I highly endorse Dr. Devgan!

I highly endorse this doctor. He is not only a very fine surgeon but an excellent teacher. Always willing to help colleagues and always wants to improve surgery outcomes.

200 Palermo Pl
Venice, FL 34285

Dr. Patricia Dee G. Stephenson, MD

Dr. Devgan is a world class cataract surgeon!

Uday is a world class cataract and refractive surgeon, teacher and innovator. He is ethical, compassionate and resourceful.

6401 Poplar Ave,Suite 190
Memphis, TN 38119

Steve Charles, MD, FACS, FICS

Dr. Uday Devgan was one of my mentors!

Dr. Uday Devgan was one of my mentors and now a dear friend of mine. I give him my highest recommendation and would easily entrust him to care for my own family. I have known him since 2005 as the chief of ophthalmology at UCLA-Oliveview medical center, where he supervises ophthalmology resident doctors. As a vitreoretinal fellow, I see the work of many cataract surgeons. Without a doubt, Uday is one of the highest skilled cataract and refractive surgeons I know.

Cole Eye Institute, Cleveland Clinic
9500 Euclid Ave
Cleveland, OH 44202

Dr. Alex K. Yuan, MD

I am an eye surgeon and I sent my family to Dr. Devgan!

Dr. Uday Devgan is one of the most accomplished and recognized cataract and refractive surgeons in the nation. In addition to his busy private practice, he devotes his time to teaching and mentoring ophthalmology residents at UCLA. In addition, he is at the forefront of his sub-specialty within ophthalmology and regularly delivers lectures and presentations to help other ophthalmologists around the country stay on the cutting edge. As one of his former residents, I can attest to his outstanding surgical skill and expertise. I entrusted my 85 year-old grandmother’s eyes to him over 3 years ago and she remains extremely pleased with her vision.

1860 Mowry Avenue
Suite 308
Fremont, CA 94538
Office: 510-796-6500

Dr. Allen Chiang, MD

Uday Devgan is truly an exceptional eye surgeon!

Dr. Devgan is an exceptional physician and surgeon. His clinical acumen, medical judgement, and surgical skills are unparalleled. Dr. Devgan has dedicated himself to the care of his patients, to the training of young ophthalmologists, and to the advancement of the field. He is truly a thought leader.

University of Pennsylvania
51 N 39th Street
Philadelphia, PA 19104

Dr. Lauren Anne Eckstein, MD

The most brilliant teacher in Ophthalmology in the world!

Dr. Uday Devgan is one of the most brilliant teachers in ophthalmology today in the world. Not only he is a world-class premium lens cataract and bladeless all-laser LASIK surgeon, a researcher and an inventor, he is also a world-class teacher. I have learnt a lot from reading Dr. Devgan’s writings in ophthalmology journals and listening to him in his presentations in national and international conferences over the years. Without doubt, Dr. Devgan is one of the leaders in our time in ophthalmology not only here in the U.S. and but also worldwide. It has truly been a honor and privilege for me to get to know and learn from Dr. Uday Devgan!

[email protected]
Wang Vision Cataract & LASIK Center Nashville, TN,
USA International President, Shanghai Aier Eye Hospital, China

Ming Wang, MD, PhD

Dr. Devgan is a nationally recognized eye surgeon!

I endorse this doctor. Dr. Devgan is a nationally recognized eye surgeon who teaches many doctors in this and other countries, the newer techniques of ophthalmic surgery. Dr. Devgan teaches residents as well to ensure that new surgeons are learning cutting edge techniques. If I haved a surgical question, I have learned that he can always help me.

2801 Lemmon Avenue, Suite 400
Dallas, TX 75204
Office: 214-220-3937
Fax: 214-754-0079

Dr. Jeffrey Whitman, MD

I would trust him to operate on my own eyes!

I have known Dr. Devgan since 1997 and watched him operate and seen him interact with his patients since he was a first year resident. I can say without hesitation that I would trust him to operate on my own eyes.

Harvard Eye Associates (Laguna Hills)
24401 Calle De La Louisa, Suite 300
Laguna Hills, CA 92653
Office: 949-951-2020
Fax: 949-951-9244

Dr. John Hovanesian, MD, FACS

Dr. Devgan – a true thought leader in ophthalmology!

Dr. Devgan is a skilled surgeon who is considered one of the true thought leaders in ophthalmology, and is often one of the featured speakers at conferences throughout the years. Dr. Devgan has written countless articles to educate his peers on how to become better surgeons, and his videos are used for training not only young doctors, but experienced surgeons as well. I would without hesitation refer a family member or friend to Dr. Devgan for care.

Center For Excellence Eye Care
8940 N Kendall Dr, #400 E
Miami, FL 33176
Office: 305-598-2020

Dr. William B. Trattler, MD

Dr. Devgan is a surgeon’s surgeon and top of his field!

I have watched Dr. Devgan operate and I know his skills well. He is a gifted surgeon and has a true talent. I have sent him many complex cases and he has done an amazing job. In fact my father has cataracts and being an ophthalmologist myself, I have my choice of any physician, and I plan to send him to Devgan in the near future. He is a surgeon’s surgeon and top of his field.

974 West Foothill Blvd
Upland, CA 91786
Office: 909-981-9800
Fax: 909-946-3937

Dr. Marc Howard Shomer, MD

I Would Trust Dr. Devgan to Do Surgery on My Eyes!

Dr. Uday Devgan is both a trusted friend and colleague. I have known him personally for the past 5 years and have admired his work for many years longer than that. He is appropriately recognized as a key opinion leader in the field of ocular surgery, and is known not only for his clinical skills and acument, but as an excellent eye surgeon and teacher. I heartily endorse him as a highly skilled clinician and as one of the few ophthalmologists whom I would trust in performing surgery on me.

Many young ophthalmologists have benefited from his hands-on training as a faculty member at the Jules Stein Eye Institute. Additionally, many other surgeons throughout the world are better because of his impact in training through ophthalmology meetings, journal articles and training videos that he has produced. It is a great honor for me to consider Uday a friend.

655 Laguna Drive
Carlsbad, CA 92008

Dr. James A Davies, MD

Simply One of the Best Ophthalmologist in the World!

I strongly endorse Dr. Devgan. As a clinical professor of ophthalmology at New York University I work with hundreds of ophthalmologists from around the world. Dr. Devgan is an elite physician and surgeon who provides the highest level of care anywhere. I refer patients from New York to see Dr. Devgan on a regular basis because he is simply one of the best ophthalmologists in the world.

Ophthalmic Consultants of Long Island
360 Merrick Road, 3rd Floor
Lynbrook, NY 11563
Office: 516-593-7709

Dr. Eric Donnenfeld, MD, FACS

Dr. Uday Devgan is one of the most elite eye physician and surgeons in the world!

He has passionately dedicated himself to the highest level of care of his patients and is recognized as one of the most accomplished and most brilliant cataract and refractive surgeons anywhere. He is an exceptional ophthalmologist whose clinical expertise, medical judgment, moral and ethical standards, and surgical skills are unmatched. As a cataract surgeon myself I would entrust him without hesitation to operate on my own eyes!!

100 Manetto Hill Road
Suite 202
Plainview, NY 11803
Office: (516) 935-9200

Larry P Berstein, MD, FAAO

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