Lens Implant Testimonials

After performing thousands upon thousands of cataract surgeries over the past two decades, Dr. Devgan has built up an amazing fan club of appreciate patients. Take a moment to go through some of these testimonials and reviews to see what patients say. Dr. Devgan has a perfect 5 star rating from every single Yelp review.

How I went from 20/8000 to perfect 20/20 Vision

Dr. Devgan gave new meaning to my vision, my life, and the way I see the world, How do you thank someone who has given you the gift of sight? I had been wearing glasses ever since I can remember. Stareting in grade school, I became nearsighted and it seemed like it worsened every year. My vision was so terrible that without glasses or contact lenses I couldn’t see anyting even if it was held up to my nose. You may think that your -4 or -6 or -8 prescription is pretty bade, well my prescription was all the way to -17.00! That means that my vision was about 20/8000 (and you need 20/40 to drive without glasses).

With eyes like mine, I had to be very careful. I was afraid of having complications, the risk of losing my sight, and just about every other “what, if!” question possible. I had to be very selective when choosing an eye surgeon and I’m so glad I selected Dr. Devgan.

My name is Bonnie Colgan. I am 68 years old and a retired school principal. I am currently a professional jazz, landscape and wildlife photographer who had used either corrective glasses or contact lenses since college.

A little over a year ago I became increasingly aware that the degree of correction in my lenses needed to be updated significantly. I was finding it difficult to clearly focus subjects in my camera and to use the computer monitor to edit my photos and manage my business matters. Being vision challenged was rapidly becoming a nightmare for me and my profession.

Naively, I thought is was just time for a new lens prescription – but I found out differently. Thanks to Dr. Devgan my sight is better that ever – I hope I can say that about my photographs as well.

Bonnie Colgan


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