Dr. Devgan Teaches Other Doctors

Dr. Devgan Teaches Other Doctors

Truly World Renowned in Ocular Surgery

Uday Devgan MD is truly world renowned in the field of ocular surgery. He has taught surgery in 40 countries and writes teaching columns in eye surgery journals which are distributed worldwide.

Dr Devgan has written more than 200 books, chapters, medical papers, and journal articles about techniques of cataract, lens, and LASIK surgery. These writings as well as his instructional surgical videos have helped thousands of ophthalmologists and their patients.

Dr. Devgan at NYU

Dr. Devgan was invited to New York University on February 5, 2013, to present surgical solutions on Challenging Cataract Surgeries. The auditorium was full of fellow ophthalmologists from New York and neighboring cities to learn from Dr. Devgan.

Chief of Ophthalmology Olive View UCLA

Associate Clinical Professor at UCLA

Uday Devgan MD created his private practice in 2000 to provide the highest level of eye surgery to his patients, without students or doctors in training. This ensures that all patients only receive surgical care directly from Dr Devgan’s expert hands.

For the past decade, Dr Devgan has taught surgical techniques to every one of the UCLA resident eye doctors. He is the only UCLA clinical faculty member to have earned the coveted teaching award twice, & in 2012 a record 3 times.

In the history of UCLA Dr. Devgan is the only private practice physician who is the chief of ophthalmology at one of their largest teaching hospitals, Olive View. Previously, if a doctor was selected to be a department chief, he could not have a private practice. Dr. Devgan’s excellent reputation, recognized by his peers as one of the best eye surgeons, surgical techniques and teaching skills have earned him the position of chief of ophthalmology at Olive View UCLA medical center.

Who are these resident surgeons that Dr Devgan teaches?

Every year 400 MDs apply to the UCLA Jules Stein Eye Institute training program in order to become a resident surgeon in ophthalmology. Of the 400 applicants, 50 of them receive interviews and just 8 MDs per year are accepted. These MDs then spend three years learning all about ocular surgery and Dr Devgan is the primary teacher of cataract surgery for these doctors.

Dr. Lucy Shen — Harvard Medical School

A few years ago, a bright and hard-working graduate of Harvard Medical School was accepted into the program Lucy Shen MD. She blossomed into a great surgeon and she then returned to Harvard Medical School to teach her own eye surgery residents. Dr Shen is also a faculty member at the prestigious Massachusetts Eye and Ear Infirmary (MEEI). Dr Devgan has also given invited lectures and surgical instruction at the Harvard Medical School annual Cataract Course. Now Dr Shen teaches his methods to the Harvard ophthalmologists every week.

Dr Lucy Shen learned eye surgery operating skills from Dr Devgan and now she is passing her talents on to the future generation of doctors in Boston. Here is a recent email correspondence between Dr Devgan and Dr Shen:

Hi Uday,

I was just talking to the MEEI residents recently about some practical issues w/ phaco (fluid dynamics, how to load certain lenses). I was surprised that I still remembered a lot of what you taught us back then – when to raise the bottle, when to adjust the flow rate, etc.. also, you insisted that we used a different phaco machine and lens system so that we could try different equipment. These things didn’t seem much back then, but now in retrospect, I think they are really important to learn during training.

I do have to say it was probably the best training I could have asked for. Now that I have a comparison, I realize how good it really was.

Keep doing what you are doing – I’m sure I’m not the only one raving about your teachings afterwards.


Articles to Teach Doctors

“Ocular Surgery News” is the number one read medical journal in the field of eye surgery!

It’s distributed to nearly every ophthalmologist on the planet, to more than 60 countries on all 5 continents to a readership of 80,000 fellow ophthalmologists.

To publish just one article in this journal is a very high honor that is achieved by a very few ophthalmologists. Dr. Devgan has published more than 150 articles in this prestigious journal. This journal even selected Dr. Devgan to write a monthly column to teach surgical techniques to the eye surgeons who read the journal. And now, these articles are being put together in book form to be distributed free of charge to ophthalmologists world wide for the betterment of their patients. CLICK HERE to visit the Healio/OSN website and search articles.

The Healio.com website is open to the general public, so feel free to create your own account at WWW.HEALIO.COM so you can have access to the full articles. Should you wish to compare another ophthalmologist, you can enter his or her name in the search box on the site.

Dr. Devgan also writes a blog for fellow surgeons that focuses on eye surgery news and surgical techniques. CLICK HERE to read Dr. Devgan’s blog.

The “Faculty of 1000” is a list of the top 1000 Faculty members in all aspects of medicine and science.

Refractive Surgery is vision correction surgery such as LASIK surgery, lens implant surgery, or cataract surgery.

For the Faculty of 1000, from all of the 80,000 ophthalmologists worldwide, just four surgeons were selected to be head of this
prestigious section for ophthalmology. Dr Devgan was honored to be selected for this important position.

Much less than 1% of all eye surgeons worldwide will achieve the distinction of being on the Faculty of 1000 list of experts. And just 4 eye surgeons, one of whom is Uday Devgan MD, have been chosen to be section heads for refractive eye surgery. The other three surgeons are based in Spain, France, and Germany. Dr Devgan is the only American ophthalmologist selected.

Check out the Faculty of 1000 Website and look for the true experts in ophthalmology and also in other fields of medicine and science. The “Faculty of 1000” is a list of the top 1000 Faculty members in all aspects of medicine and science.

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