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Dr. Uday Devgan, MD, focuses his blog on current techniques, research, trials, issues, and case studies with an emphasis on surgical and clinical pearls for maximizing patient results.

Charity Around the World

Live Surgery at the World Ophthalmology Congress in Hong Kong Dr. Devgan was invited to perform live surgery at the Prince of Wales Hospital in Honk Kong during the World Ophthalmology Congress (WOC). More than 10,000 ophthalmologists attended this meeting from 105...

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The More Each Patient Knows, the Easier My Job

I've had so much fun giving out the Choosing Wisely wallet cards from Consumer Reports. I specialize in cataract surgery, the most commonly performed surgery done in the US each year, but I feel that all patients, no matter what kind of surgery or medical test or...

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What can the state of medicine in Iceland teach us?

I'm very interested in the way that health care is delivered across the globe because I think there is a lot to learn from other cultures and countries.   My lectures, consulting work and live surgery events have taken me across the globe to more than 50...

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Highlights from the OSN New York meeting

Every fall for the past many years, I have enjoyed participating in the OSN New York meeting. It brings the combination of good medical education, exposure to new developments in ophthalmology, spending time with colleagues and enjoying Manhattan during the beautiful...

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The future of IOL calculations

Our current IOL calculation methods have been improving steadily for the past few decades. When the original SRK formula came out, it worked reasonably well for most average eyes, but not so well for others. The SRK II helped to address those other eyes, but it was...

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