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 Why is Allegretto Laser better than any other laser on the market?

  • It is the latest generation laser
  • Has a flying spot laser instead of a single beam
  • Gives better results, less glare and haloes
  • Treats larger purpils 6-8mm instead of 6mm
  • Treats larger area on the cornea than any other laser on the market
  • Produces smoothest corneal surface of all lasers
  • It has a 240Hz eye tracker which has 4ms reaction time.  This means your laser treatment will be perfectly aligned even if your eye twitches or moves.
  • Allegretto laser has less increase in higher order aberrations than other lasers.  This means sharper, clearer more vivid vision.
  • Improves refractive error and contrast, sharpness and perception better than any laser on the market.
  • It is wavefront optimized to treat nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism with higher precision than ANY laser on the market.

Most telling of all is:

  • It is the laser more eye surgeons choose for their own eyes and their families.

What's the Downside?

  • It's the most expensive laser on the market, it is far more expensive than any other laser.