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Henry Winkler  --  Chose the best cataract surgeon for his eyes!

I followed Dr Devgan and had him operate on both my eyes.  I would not trust anyone else with my precious sight.  He is the only eye doctor who has removed my cataracts, no baloney!

When I came to see Dr Devgan I literally could not see out of my right eye. After surgery I couldn't believe I was able to read so clearly without my glasses. It is like a whole new world. If I had to choose one word to describe the experience, it would be "gratitude". The one thing you're struck by is a sense of confidence of Dr Devgan. There is a sense of professionalism, but there is a sense of warmth, calm and gentleness.

I was struck the first few days that I was able to actually see out of my right eye after the surgery.  Color is now so vivid, I thought I saw blue, I didn’t see bleu, I must have seen “bluh” you know.  I didn’t see green, I saw “grah”.  I’m telling you it is, like it’s a whole new world!  It’s just intense and it’s so exciting.  I’ll tell you if I were going to go with one word after the surgery it is gratitude.  I am so grateful, that this whole thing exists, that Dr Devgan can do, the miracle of having your eye back, having your eye back better than it was when you could see really well. The enjoyment of reading and seeing and the enjoyment of color, Greatful..... Gratitude-would have to be the word if I had to pick one word.

Henry Winkler


Graham Nash  --  I'm so glad I had surgery with Dr. Devgan!

Graham Nash from the legendary rock group Crosby, Stills, & Nash is well known worldwide for his musical talents as well as his photographic artistry which has been shown in museums. Upon the recommendation of his close friends, Graham had his cataract surgery with the Crystalens with Uday Devgan MD, resulting in superb vision without glasses.

"As soon as I had the operation with Dr Devgan, it was startling -- the clarity of the vision and the color spectrum that I was seeing. All of a sudden, blues were like magical colors. In six minutes per eye, Dr Devgan changed my vision completely, for the better. This cataract surgery has changed my life! The operation FAR exceeded my expectations -- it was painless, quick, and immediate in its effect -- I was seeing perfectly -- instantly! I am so glad that I did it! Thank you Dr Devgan."

Graham Nash


Dr. Devgan is truly unique!

I am not a person who sits around and writes reviews.  I must be honest and say that I have benefited by reading some that others have written, but I never felt so enthused, excited or appreciative of a person or service until now.  So, if I only write one review in my life, I am happy to say that you should absolutely visit Dr. Devgan for your eye care needs.
As I’ve started to get a little older, I have a few on my “parts” break down or wear out.  I’ve seen a half dozen specialists in the same number of years.  They’ve all done a good job on fixing my problems, but Dr. Devgan is truly unique.
From the very first minute that I met him, I immediately felt his warmth and genuine personality, as he shook my hand and asked me to follow him.  Now, personality would not be a reason that I would choose a doctor, but experience and skills are…and Dr. Devgan has them both.
Besides the fact that he teaches new resident doctors, he also has great relationships with many other Eye specialists, including those from the UCLA Jules Stein Eye Institute.  I know this because he is not only on a 1st name basis with my Retina specialist from UCLA; he is also a former student of that doctor.  Additionally, when I sat in Dr. Devgan’s examination room, he found something in my eye that caused concern.  He took photographs of the inside of my eye with a special camera he has on his examination equipment, emailed it to my Retina specialist, printed a copy for me and sat and explained his concern in a reassuring tone and with words I could actually understand!
After I was cleared for cataract surgery, Dr. Devgan carefully explained the pros and cons of the different lens options available.  He helped me decide to take a Toric lens that not only corrected my cataract, but also fixed my astigmatism.  This suggestion has allowed me to discontinue use of eyeglasses for the first time in 55 years.  The surgery took 10 minutes.  I immediately felt “normal”.  I went out for dinner that night and drove myself to the post op exam the very next morning.  Things have been perfect for the last 3 weeks since surgery.
So, if you’re looking for a specialist that has knowledge, experience, personality and shows care and concern, you will undoubtedly feel as I do, now that you’ve searched Dr. Uday Devgan.
Congratulations on your find!
David Ohringer, Northridge, CA


I'm Loving the new Vision!

'm loving the new vision after your cataract surgery with the Crystalens.... I just have to let you know!  

For the last few days I have been enjoying reading stuff on the sides of trucks, counting roses on a bush in the neighbor's yard, seeing each car in the train that crosses in front of me about three miles over the bay I live on, and more.  These are all things that i had forgotten about since it's been so long since I could do them.  It is incredible and the straight ahead vision is astounding.
While people know me as a famous musician, I am also a passionate artist – and with the new vision you have given me my outlook on the world has been transformed!

But now I am acutely aware that my other eye is somewhat of a cripple.  It can't focus and sees brown and amber while the recently operated eye sees clean clear and crisp color and detail.  Wow, who turned on the lights? When comparing the eye you fixed to my other eye, the feeling I have is sort of like if you went to the shop to get your old funky windshield wipers changed and they only changed one and that other side of the windshield is still coated in sludge.  

So as you can imagine, I am really looking forward to bringing that right eye up to speed because it's very obvious that it's nowhere near as efficient as the new lens you gave me during cataract surgery.  I’ll be on tour for 6 weeks then I’ll fly back to Los Angeles for the same Devgan Eye Surgery magic on my other eye.

Thanks for the expertise! And see you soon,

Rowland Salley
Musician & Artist
Vancouver, Canada


Elayne Boosler, Comedian  --  The fabulous Dr. Devgan!

Well, it’s Dr. Devgan’s own fault that I am not appearing here on video today. That’s right, his fault. I lived my entire life with such high myopia, astigmatism, then eye muscles getting weaker causing double vision, and finally cataracts, that I wasn’t truly seeing much any more. I was even missing curbs in the street and falling. So naturally, I thought I looked pretty good. Well, Dr. Devgan, in 15 painless minutes, goes and gives me 20/20 vision!!!! Hey, I was born with glasses, I didn’t even have 20/20 vision when I was five. So, he gives me 20/20 vision, and what happens to me? I go home only to discover my husband is WHITE! That’s right. And not only that. My roots need to be done, my house needs painting, and I’m fat!

So, I am now on a diet. When I lose enough weight to pass my own inspection, I will make a video for the greatest eye surgeon you will ever have. And let’s be very clear; I paid for my surgery, so I am not getting anything out of this endorsement except the knowledge that I am helping some people make a great decision at a tricky time in their lives. The thought of eye surgery was frightening to me. That is why I had never had any before this. I skipped all the years of different kinds of the latest eye surgeries. I swear on pizza (if you knew me, you’d know how serious that is for me), I didn’t feel a thing in the few minutes it took Dr. Devgan to replace my lenses. Not only did I not feel anything, he was there every step of the way, holding my hand during nurse applied pre-surgical numbing drops, even putting doses in himself. Relaxing me, overseeing every step.

I’m not the sort of person who puts her head shot photo up at the cleaners, or in restaurants, etc. I don’t give many recommendations because everyone is different, and I don’t want to be responsible for anyone not being satisfied with something or someone I may have recommended. So the fact that I am writing this should tell you how great Dr. Devgan is. He gives you his cell phone number and picks up on weekends, he emails you back no matter how many questions you drive him crazy with, he does every single thing to insure that you will get the greatest result possible to open your eyes for the rest of your life. What a gift! His office is filled with great professionals, he gives you all the time you need, he is thorough and his talents as a brilliant surgeon are beyond incredible. I met with other doctors first, even though his was the name that always came up. I read all about him on the UCLA websites etc. With those credentials, I feared he might be one of those autocratic, officious doctors. He’s the easiest, most gentle, most accessible doctor ever. I don’t think he’s read his press! You might want to get your house painted before the surgery though.

Elayne Boosler


Mark E. Smeaton, Architect

Beginning in 4th grade I had to wear glasses because of a severe astigmatism.  As a kid I loved surfing but had to tie my glasses on my head, but still lost several pairs of glasses in the waves.  Contacts hurt when sand inevitably lodged behind them so I reluctantly had to give up the sport.

As an architect I depend on my eyes everyday.  The ability to see details, colors and textures is imperative.  A couple of years ago my vision began to blur.  My ophthalmologist diagnosed early stage cataracts in both eyes.  We tried several prescription upgrades but, as my vision worsened, glasses couldn’t help any longer.

My doctor referred me to a local eye surgeon who gave the disappointing news he couldn’t help because of my extreme astigmatism.  He suggested I contact Dr. Devgan who taught a class he had taken at UCLA.

Dr. Devgan said he not only could restore my vision but, with the right lenses and the right surgical technique, it would be near perfect --without glasses. It was a relief to hear I wouldn’t be blind the rest of my life, but be able to see without glasses? I researched Dr. Devgan on the internet the minute I got home.  I found he has written and taught extensively about the kind of surgery I needed.  He has posted many videos on YouTube sharing his techniques with other doctors.  That kind of peer review gave me the confidence to schedule surgery right away.

The people at the surgical center in Beverly Hills made me very comfortable. Dr. Devagan reassured me by repeating how he would perform the surgery and what to expect during recovery.  I also learned he was performing the same surgery that morning on his own mother.

The surgery was painless and quick. I can’t tell you what it was like to be able to read the clock across the room the moment I opened my eyes.  Recovery was uneventful and only took a couple of days.  I have better than 20/20 vision now and have gone from not being able to make out freeway signs to reading them from way down the road.

As Dr. Devgan had warned, because of my unusual eye history, I need reading glasses for close up work.  A small inconvenience compared to seeing better than ever.  Life is enriched by my new sight –and not only professionally.  I can enjoy fly fishing and actually see the fish in the water. And, I don’t have to wait to see the prints before seeing what I’m photographing.

I would have had this procedure a long time ago if I had only known –before cataracts!  It really is a miracle that lies in the hands of a talented and experienced surgeon like Dr. Devgan.

Mark E. Smeaton AIA


Bonnie Colgan, Photographer

My name is Bonnie Colgan. I am 68 years and a retired school principal. I am currently a professional jazz, landscape and wildlife photographer who had used either corrective glasses or contact lenses since college.

A little over a year ago I became increasingly aware that the degree of correction in my lenses needed to be updated significantly. I was finding it difficult to clearly focus subjects in my camera and to use the computer

monitor to edit my photos and manage my business matters. Being vision challenged was rapidly becoming a nightmare for me and my profession.

Naively, I thought it was just time for a new lens prescription so I scheduled an appointment with an optometrist who had replaced a local retiring doctor that I had seen for many years. It was then that I was initially diagnosed with a rather rare Fuchs Dystrophy condition. In what I felt was a rather matter of fact manner, I was informed that I also had cataracts and would gradually lose my eyesight or probably have very limited sight at best.   But, ‘not to worry, the lens in my eyes could be replaced by transplants from a cadaver.’ Shaken by this news and especially the lack of any personal concern by this doctor for either me or my profession, I knew that a second opinion was really needed.

Coincidently at that time a collegial friend of mine recounted that he had required surgery to repair an unsuccessful cataract procedure. From his research to find an eye surgeon to repair the damage problem he found Dr. Uday Devgan.   Dr. Devgan successfully repaired the botched procedure for him and as a result my friend was eager to recommend Dr. Devgan to me. Among other things, he went on to describe Dr. Devgan‘s extensive training, his state of the art knowledge, his calm manner, his reputation and standing as a surgical professional amongst his peers, his surgical skill and most importantly in his particular case the stellar results he


After that glowing recommendation I did my own research to confirm for myself and arranged to meet with Dr. Devgan. I was immediately impressed with his level of understanding about my condition. The term specialist

would be quite appropriate in his case. He exceeded my expectations to the superlative! He calmly and in layman's terms took the time to explain the diagnosis and the remedies necessary. He set me at ease and gave me complete confidence in a successful resolution.

Since it would be necessary to correct both of my eyes it was decided to perform corrective surgery for each eye approximately 6 months apart. Dates for the eye surgeries were set and I am happy to say that both procedures were handled efficiently, professionally and successfully.  

It has been over a year since the eye surgeries and I continue to see things clearly now without glasses or contact lens. I have better vision that I did at age 16. I believe that Dr. Devgan definitely saved my photography business and as a bonus my love for downhill skiing. My adult children love the fact I no longer wear glasses on a cord around my neck that serve as a bib for dust and other collectibles. :-) Of course focusing through my camera lens without constantly putting on and taking off eyeglasses for each shot set up continues to be astonishing to me.

Would I recommend Dr. Devgan?.... in a ‘snapshot click’ of a heartbeat. I consider myself truly fortunate to have had Dr. Devgan recommended to me and then to have chosen him and not someone else to manage the Fuchs

Dystrophy. He has given me the gift of clear vision to read, see distance and continue my passion to share the beauty of Mother Nature and the wonders around us through photo images.

Besides, how often can you say you look forward to your next visit to a doctor’s office?

Bonnie Colgan


Donald J. Voelker, MD, FACC, FSCAI, FSCCT, FASA

Why does a triple‐boarded Cardiologist fly 1700 miles to Los Angeles for his Cataract Surgery?

My name is Donald J. Voelker. I am a triple board certified Interventional Cardiologist. In July of 2010 I was honored to be one of only 77 cardiologists in the world privileged to be named a Fellow of the Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography. My passion and my profession is doing highly technical work on arteries in the Heart, Brain and Legs. I perform the most challenging and delicate of procedures on hearts while they are still pumping! And as you can understand, my eyesight is extremely important in my profession. Patient’s lives depend on me having excellent vision so that I can perform these intricate procedures.

When I developed a cataract, I was very anxious and worried about finding the best eye surgeon. I extensively researched eye surgeons in order to find the very best cataract surgeon in the world. I spent hours and hours doing research – these are my eyes and I have only one chance to achieve the best vision possible. I was willing to travel anywhere in the world to have cataract surgery by the best. I wanted the best surgery, the best technology, the best lens implants available, and most importantly, the very best surgeon.

When I found Dr. Uday Devgan I knew I had found my eye surgeon for life. I flew from Arkansas to Los Angeles in order to have surgery by Dr. Devgan. Cataract surgery is the best thing I have ever done for myself. Now my vision is like it was when I was 20 years old. I can read newspaper print and I can see for miles in the distance. I went from a cataract and blurry vision to sharp, clear, crisp vision. Dr. Devgan gave me back my youthful vision. He is a ‘God‐send’ – and it’s just amazing that I am able to see better than 20/20 at a distance and still be able to read close up without glasses.

I had heard wonderful things about Dr. Devgan and his skills but as you can imagine, being a physician, I had more questions for him than the average patient. Dr. Devgan patiently answered all my questions and put me at ease. Our initial visit was very thorough and lasted more than an hour. He uses the highest technologically advanced machines available to examine and take eye measurements. Dr Devgan even gave me his personal cell phone number and email address and told me to feel free to contact him anytime if I had any questions. Very few MDs have this level of connection with and caring for their patients.

This was the beginning of a new life for me. I’ve been in medicine my whole life and I have never met a doctor like Dr. Devgan, ever. He is so kind, so gracious and such a great surgeon. After I returned home, Dr. Devgan called me every week for many months to see how I was doing. I didn’t need him to as I was doing great and had achieved excellent vision, but he insisted so that he could follow my healing progress. This level of care and concern is just unbelievable. In medicine, the best doctors have one secret formula: we deliver the same high level of care, concern and surgery as we would want for ourselves and our families. Dr. Devgan gave this to me and treats all his patients this same way. He performs the very best possible surgery with the highest technology and highest quality available at every step.

For many years I had had trouble with eye doctors getting the right glasses prescription for me. No one could figure out why or what was wrong. I had not shared this with Dr. Devgan; however, upon examining my eyes he told me that my pupils are eccentric. This means that the pupil is not quite in the exact center of the eye. He is the only doctor to find out why I had problems with glasses. This also made my surgery more challenging. During my cataract surgery Dr. Devgan also fixed my nearsightedness and my astigmatism – all in an easy, totally painless procedure that took just minutes.

I developed a cataract due to years of radiation exposure from doing thousands and thousands of cardiac catheterization procedures. I am convinced that due to the hardness of my cataract and the fact that my pupils don’t dilate well that I may have been blinded had I not chosen Dr. Devgan. I really and truly believe that. I am astounded every day at how good my vision is. I always wore glasses and now I don’t have to.

My eyes are my life and I thank Dr. Devgan for everything he has done for me. I am truly blessed to have found Dr. Devgan. I give him my highest recommendation. I tell all of my friends and family that for their eyes it is important to choose the best – and the best is Uday Devgan MD. I recommend that they fly to Los Angeles for a few days so that they can enjoy seeing our beautiful world every day for many decades to come.

Donald J. Voelker


Joanie Laine -- He's the best cataract surgeon in all of Los Angeles!

Dr. Uday Devgan – not only a great eye surgeon with great credentials, but a very kind, patient man that is adept at putting his clients at ease!

I spent 3 years researching my needed cataract surgery.  After 15 previous unrelated surgeries, I was not taking any chances on my precious eyes.  Having worn contact lenses for 44 years due to being extremely myopic, I needed many assurances that I would be in good hands.

I had originally chosen another well-respected doctor but something told me to keep looking.  As soon as I met Dr. Devgan, I was more comfortable with the idea of someone doing surgery on my eyes!!

Every option was explained very thoroughly and how these would affect ‘my’ eyes.

The decision was made to move forward due to his caring manner and this was one of the best medical decisions I have ever made; even knowing that I was traveling 120 miles one way for all visits and the procedures.

Dr. Devgan is totally accessible; going the distance to answer all questions, unlike most surgeons.  Needless to say, I am a big fan!!  

Thanks, doc.



Ursula Beatt  --  Best cataract surgeon in Los Angeles!

I had left eye cataract surgery in my early 40ies, did not know Dr. Devgan at that time. I suffer from coloboma in my right eye, which makes that eye legally blind with an eye sight of 160/20.   Needing surgery on my only functioning eye was scary, and the results were not perfect. The new lens was not fastened properly and wiggled itself into a different position than planned therefore reversing my eyesight completely to where I could see clearly up-close, but all was blurry past 2 feet. It took almost one year for my brain to rewire to this new situation. Then, within a few more months, my eye sight started declining rapidly again. Everything seemed blurry and grey and distant. I was so anxious, I procrastinated getting it checked. It is at that moment that Dr. Devgan was recommended to me and I went to see him for a consultation.   Within minutes his gentle and cheerful attitude put me at ease. He carefully checked both eyes and told me he could fix the newly strained eye sight on my "good" left eye in just 30 seconds with a laser. For the right eye with a newly developing cataract and the coloboma he suggested future cataract surgery and advised me that he might be able to improve the eye sight of 160/20 by carefully calculating the position of the new lens.

Dr. Devgan lasered my left eye that day, punching tiny holes into the scar tissue that had built up as a result of the first cataract surgery.   Within 24 hours I could see crystal clear into the distance (with my glasses), colors bright and crisp. To this day, about 4 years later, I have maintained that kind of eye sight. It had truly only taken 30 seconds and changed my life. Sometimes, when looking at the true beauty of scenery that lies ahead in crisp and colorful detail, I am so thankful to have met Dr. Devgan.

A little later I went back to have my right cataract removed. The situation was very different. I was not anxious when prepped for the surgery, just feeling confident that Dr. Devgan knew what to do. He came to the surgery full of enthusiasm about being able to do a coloboma/cataract double surgery, kind of like a kid who just got a new 1000 piece lego set, it was really contagious!! I felt excited about my own medical problem!! The surgery went well, and Dr. Devgan with brilliant calculation, healthy self confidence and his outstanding medical training was able to reverse my lifelong blindness to where I can see 40/20 on that right eye. I will never be able to read a book with just my right eye, but I can read signs, see colors more clearly and its improved strength creates a better balance between both eyes.

I did not develop scar tissue on this second cataract, and so I have not had to return. Anyone in my family, needing surgery, will go to Dr. Devgan. I trust him completely, but also enjoy the confidence and joy he brings to his work. He is truly unique.

Ursula Beatt
Patient of Dr. Devgan since 2005


Larry Paradis  --  Another Doctor told me I would go blind and now I’m 20/20!

If you have cataracts, and are contemplating surgery look no further.  There is no better eye surgeon than Dr. Devgan!  Hands down the best thing I’ve done is having cataract surgery by Dr. Devgan.  He IS the miracle surgeon you are looking for.  He teaches other eye doctors how to operate and is the doctor for other eye surgeons when they need surgery on their own eyes.  But if that’s not enough, here is my story and why he saved my eyesight.

My ophthalmologist told me that I have cataracts and without much explanation said I will also need a corneal transplant because of my Fuchs’ Dystrophy.  I saw 3 other ophthalmologists in Arizona and they all said that I have to go blind from cataracts first, and then attempt to have cataract surgery with a corneal transplant.  They all said that my vision will never be good; the best I can hope for is not to be blind. That sounded crazy to me. I NEED my eyes – I love cars and I love to drive and I don’t want to lose vision from cataracts or Fuchs’ Dystrophy.

I was very concerned over this news and did a lot of research.  I came upon many articles that Dr. Devgan has written on how to do cataract surgery with patients in Fuchs’ dystrophy.  These articles were written in trade journals to teach other ophthalmologists, not for patients. Dr Devgan’s articles showed his special technique where he is able to do the cataract surgery, correct any glasses issue like astigmatism, and even protect the cornea. With his technique I did NOT need a corneal transplant – I just needed a 5 minute cataract surgery and I have recovered 20/20 vision. I am back to driving my cars and enjoying my life!

I live in Prescott Arizona, and Dr. Devgan’s practice is in Los Angeles.  It was the best decision of my life to travel all the way to LA to be evaluated by Dr. Devgan.  He saved my eyesight.  To me, Dr Devgan truly is the best cataract surgeon not only in Los Angeles, but in the world.  He was able to perform my cataract surgery with special techniques that not only gave me perfect vision, freedom from glasses but also I didn’t have to have a corneal transplant.  

Dr. Devgan took the time to talk to me and explain what was going on with my eyes.  It was the most thorough eye exam I’ve ever had.  He took many measurements, pictures and examined my eyes.  He spend more than one hour during my initial consultation.  He even gave me his cell phone number and always answered all my calls and emails.  He is an amazing doctor and an amazing human being.  He has great passion for his profession and it comes across as soon as you meet him.

This picture is me, sitting in one of my favorite cars, and preparing to go for a long drive where I will enjoy the sound of the engine, the wind through my hair, and most importantly, the clear vision when I look at the horizon and into my future.

Larry Paradis

H. Farhadian, M.D. --  The best cataract surgeon in Los Angeles!

I am a physician, specializing in pediatric allergy. I had been wearing eyeglasses for several years and my vision was getting worse.  I had to change my eyeglasses several times. My vision was so poor that when I put my glasses down, it was very difficult to find them. Hence, I found something to get rid of this annoying situation.

After a lot of research, I found that Dr. Devgan was the most recommended. His knowledge and education is superb and I was told his technique in eye surgery is the best. I made an appointment with Dr. Devgan and found him very kind and personable. He explained to me the procedure in detail.  The surgery was done on both eyes and now my vision is perfect. I don’t need to wear those thick and annoying eyeglasses anymore.  I highly recommend Dr. Devgan because besides being an excellent eye surgeon, he also cares.

H. Farhadian, M.D.
Valencia, CA