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Posted by Lili

Dear Dr. Devgan,

Thank you so much for giving to me the best care, kindness and a perfect sight back!  I truly appreciate and am very grateful to you , for your recommendation and referral to visit Dr. Federico Velez. My double vision operation is complete.  I was very brave , I only asked for local anesthesia .  It was an interactive surgery,  Dr. Velez ,  a  truly accomplished surgeon was very happy about it. Because he could converse with me through out the surgery and tell me exactly in what direction  to hold my eye in the correct position  to perform the procedure! The next day,  post op.  visit went very well.  As  Dr. Velez , had performed  the fine tuning day before in the operating room ,  he just removed some of the temporary sutures and rest will dissolve  in two months , and  the healing has begun!   Below is a photo of one of paintings, I hope you will like it, thanks to you , now I can begin to paint again!   I feel very blessed that I have met you, and have been one of your patients .  With much respect , appreciation and affection, Lili.

Posted by James

I had had a very bad result from cataract surgery by another doctor, which required removing a multi-focal lens implant and putting in a Bausch & Lomb aspheric single focus lens.  The vast majority of eye surgeons refuse to do implant lens exchanges.  In Southern California, they refer these cases to Dr. Devgan, who has written papers for medical journals on his exchange technique.  

On a follow up appointment, he did a YAG laser capsuleotomy on the left eye to eliminate diagonal streaking on bright lights.

Dr. Devgan put a matching lens implant in my right eye.  (In the interim, I had been using my old glasses with the left lens removed).  I now see without glasses from about four feet to infinity, and use only one pair of single focal length glasses for reading and computer work.

After the first implant went wrong, I went to another doctor from Angie's List for a second opinion.  This highly rated second opinion doctor recommended Dr. Devgan, as did the first surgeon.

Dr. Devgan explained very clearly the pros and cons of every option.  He does very thorough preparation, follow ups over several months.  When other eye doctors need eye surgery, their first choice is Dr. Devgan.

Posted by Stephen

OMG! Dr. Devgan is far and away the best eye surgeon in the world! I'm a video producer specializing in the ophthalmology field, and when I needed cataract surgery, I selected Dr. Devgan. Not only because I had taped him performing his miraculous surgery, but also because he had an AVVO rating of 10.0! Best of all, Dr. Devgan is "patient centered" - that means he cares about you and your specific needs! Don't trust your eyes to anyone else - call Dr. Devgan now!!

Posted by Ivan

My family has a history of eye disease, blindness and generally bad luck with surgical procedures on the eye. I have some pressure issues, psuedo-exfoliation and in childhood, a "lazy eye." My mother in fact lost an eye in a cataract operation. I was thus fearful that I could lose my right eyei, too, since my mother and I shared certain of the same conditions in our respective right eyes.

But, my own condition worsened, and I developed a terribly dense cataract that came on suddenly. It rendered me virtually blind in that eye for at least 6 months. I was so hesitant about proceeding with surgery, & wanted as well to interview several eye surgeons here in LA. By a stroke of luck, Dr Devgan was recommended to me by a friend. I made my decision to consult with Dr. Devgan, and after our first meetingi decided enthusiastically to proceed with the operation. I never bothered even with 2nd opinions or more interviews of eye surgeons.

I must say I was suspicious -- as I am of all surgeons. But, my interviews with Dr Devgan sold me instantly. My 'interviews' of him were relentless and thorough. He put me at ease in no time, & answered all my questions at great length. He took time with me!

Eye sight is extremely important to all of us. But, to me, a university professor and author of many books and articles, it was even more so, if that is possible. Neeedless to say a this point, perhaps, the procedure was a total success, with no complications -- and this after only 3 weeks. Thanks, Dr. Devgan, not only for being an excellent surgeon, but for being a 110% human being!  


Posted by Cindy

I am a 65 year old retired graphic designer/ photographer. Color and form are a big part of my world. My cataract was pretty severe and I could see very little out of my eye by the time Dr. Devgan did the surgery.

My prior cataract surgery was performed by a medical student at a facility where Dr. Devgan teaches in addition to his private practice. He was not in attendance the day of my surgery and though ultimately the results were successful the whole procedure itself was so terribly stressful that I said to myself "never again!" The best part of that experience other than restored vision was meeting Dr. Devgan in whom I had confidence immediately. At that time I vowed should my other eye get a cataract I would seek him out and settle for nothing less than his calm, thorough, generous and supremely professional care. He did not disappoint.

I consider myself a difficult patient due to my anxiety level and he handled me beautifully. By the time I had the surgery I was not afraid and everything went super fast. He took time to explain things to me and he is easy to contact when questions arise, You don't find that too often. As far as I am concerned he goes far beyond what is expected. The state of the art laser equipment that he used to remove my cataract and correct my astigmatism made everything very precise and easy on me. By my next day appointment the incisions were already healed!

Dr. Devgan is confident but not overly confident. I find him the perfect mix of what makes a doctor great. I am very happy and consider writing a review for Dr.Devgan an honor.

Posted by David O

I am not a person who sits around and writes reviews. I must be honest and say that I have benefited by reading some that others have written, but I never felt so enthused, excited or appreciative of a person or service until now. So, if I only write one review in my life, I am happy to say that you should absolutely visit Dr. Devgan for your eye care needs.

As I’ve started to get a little older, I have a few on my “parts” break down or wear out. I’ve seen a half dozen specialists in the same number of years. They’ve all done a good job on fixing my problems, but Dr. Devgan is truly unique.

From the very first minute that I met him, I immediately felt his warmth and genuine personality, as he shook my hand and asked me to follow him. Now, personality would not be a reason that I would choose a doctor, but experience and skills are…and Dr. D has them both.

Besides the fact that he teaches new resident doctors, he also has great relationships with many other Eye specialists, including those from the UCLA Jules Stein Eye Institute. I know this because he is not only on a 1st name basis with my Retina specialist from UCLA; he is also a former student of that doctor. Additionally, when I sat in Dr. D’s examination room, he found something in my eye that caused concern. He took photographs of the inside of my eye with a special camera he has on his examination equipment, emailed it to my Retina specialist, printed a copy for me and sat and explained his concern in a reassuring tone and with words I could actually understand!

After I was cleared for cataract surgery, Dr. D carefully explained the pros and cons of the different lens options available. He helped me decide to take a Toric lens that not only corrected my cataract, but also fixed a stigmatism. This suggestion has allowed me to discontinue use of eyeglasses for the first time in 55 years. The surgery took 10 minutes. I immediately felt “normal”. I went out for dinner that night and drove myself to the post op exam the very next morning. Things have been perfect for the last 3 weeks since surgery.

So, if you’re looking for a specialist that seemingly has knowledge, experience, personality and shows care and concern, you will undoubtedly feel as I do, now that you’ve searched Dr. Uday Devgan.

Posted by David

Dr. Devgan is hands down one of the best eye surgeons in the state (if not the best)! I was originally going to go to a run of the mill Laser Eye place I heard being advertised on the radio. However after doing a lot of research, I was referred to Dr. Devgan! He is amazing. I now have perfect vision and he was so helpful in explaining every detail every single step of the way! I would recommend him to anyone. He also did surgery on my mother's eyes who had 2 or 3 botched surgeries in the past and now she can see almost perfect as well. Look him up he is amazing!! Thank you Dr. Devgan!

Posted by Robert

Dr. Devgan inserted new lenses in both my eyes last year due to cataracts and I was very pleased with my experience. He took almost an hour during my initial consultation to discuss all my options in detail and the benefits and drawbacks to each. He was also very patient in answering every question I had (and I had many). I also emailed him a couple of times with follow-up questions which he responded to within hours. I should add that I had consulted with two other doctors prior to meeting Dr. Devgan and his "bedside manner" was far superior to theirs. All in all I was extremely pleased with Dr. Devgan and can recommend him without reservation. If only all doctors were this good!

Posted by Pete

On October 5th of 2011, I had surgery to replace a cataract in my right eye. The eye surgeon who did the initial work performed an outstanding procedure. However at that time I had chosen to have what is called a ‘multi-focal’ lens implanted. This lens is supposed to give a person both distance and up close vision. I discovered that after my eye was healed, the lens that I had chosen did not live up to the performance expectations that I had formed from my research and those I had talked to. I found that while my distance vision good my up close vision was far from usable. The focal point of the original lens was about 14 inches, anything on either side of that I could not see clearly especially text. Also in that short range, everything I saw had ghost images, most of the time 3 or more. As the old adage goes - if I knew then, what I know now” I would never have had the multi-focal lens implanted.

As I am a mechanical engineer my close up vision is paramount in my work. My original ophthalmologist did not feel comfortable to replace the original lens saying it was a very specialized area of expertise and he referred me to Dr. Devgan. I met with Dr. Devgan the first time on November 30th, he and his staff took great care to measure and analyze the status of my current vision. Dr. Devgan took the time to talk with me, not as doctor to patient, but rather person to person and as one professional to another. He understood the issues (feelings and the frustrations) that I had with the implanted lens. He took even more time to explain (in very great detail) both how well the original surgery was done, how well my eye had healed and how for my needs it was the wrong choice of a lens.

He listened to my issues and concerns and again (in great detail) explained how the IOL (intraocular lens) replacement procedure would proceed. I had the replacement surgery on December 19th, the replacement procedure happened exactly as he described it. I’m exceptionally pleased with the results that I now have and I can not recommend Dr. Devgan strongly enough for IOL exchange surgery.

Posted by Jim H

I'm a male in my early sixties and had a bad case of cataracts in both eyes which started bothering me big time in my late fifties. Blurry vision, trouble driving at night, difficulty focusing and reading - I was just miserable.

Thanks to Dr. Devgan, my vision is restored to better than I could have ever hoped for or expected. The procedure was painless and without any lasting complications. Dr. Devgan recommended monovision, which gave me 20/10 vision in my right eye and a close up correction for my left which allows me to read comfortably without glasses.

My right eye gives me what I fondly call sniper vision, an homage to a few years of misspent youth in the Marine Corps.

Every question and every concern I had prior to and post surgery was answered by Dr. Devgan. I'll admit to some major trepidation going into this, but I am glad that I did and will be forever grateful to the good doctor for the fine job he did on my eyesight.

Posted by Mike

Dr. Devgan performed cataract surgery on my left eye with an excellent result. I won't dwell on his superior surgical skills here since his credentials should more than speak to that. What I think bears discussing, and sets him apart, is his interaction with me as a patient. One thing that I found consistent over the course of the four visits I have now made to his office as well as the surgery, is that in each instance I have felt as if I was his only patient of the day, this despite a full waiting room and surgical schedule. I found his attention to detail and thorough and patient explanation of anything I wished to discuss to be truly extraordinary in a world of doctors who always seem rushed or behind. This is a doctor who clearly loves his work and seems to derive joy and energy from the interactions with his patients. This combination of personality and skill leaves me very comfortable in giving Dr. Devgan my highest possible recommendation.

Posted by Subbu

I don't have any words to say about Dr.Uday Devgan. If I say something, definitely those words will become less for him.

He is awesome. If you visit Dr.Devgan, you won't feel to see another eye doctor in entire life time. I give guarantee.

I am so happy that I came to Dr. Devgan for my cataract surgery!

Posted by Veronica

I have a complicated story -- I had cataract surgery in my left eye about one year ago by another doctor. And it was horrible -- there was some sort of complication and my membrane of the eye was ruptured by this other surgeon. It required another surgery by a retina doctor to then fix and then a third surgery to put a lens in the eye. And here's the kicker -- this original doctor was doing an older, outdated technique of cataract surgery on me. I figured that he was older, experienced, and at Cedars hospital so he would be good. Boy, was I wrong. He really botched my eye and the vision ended up being crummy.

Now I needed cataract surgery for my other eye -- the right eye. This time I spent many days doing research to find the best doctor and that's what led me to Dr. Devgan. Other eye surgeons in Los Angeles and from other states come to Dr. Devgan for surgery on their own eyes. That's the sure sign of surgical skill.

I was so super nervous because of my bad experience in the other eye by the other surgeon that I think I asked Dr. Devgan a million questions. He was so nice and patient and he answered all of them. He really calmed me down. And most importantly, he did a fantastic job on my cataract surgery.

Dr. Devgan's surgery was so easy that I couldn't believe it. It took about 5 minutes and it was totally pain free. And I could actually see the clock on the wall just minutes after the surgery. I didn't even need an eye patch or anything. The next day I was seeing 20/20, which is something that I could never do my whole life.

I am so happy with Dr. Devgan and that I now have perfect 20/20 vision in my right eye. The left eye with the botched surgery by the other doctor only sees 20/50 but Dr. Devgan says that maybe he can improve this by doing some laser treatment in the office. I certainly hope so! He is my miracle worker when it comes to eyes.

Posted by Pamela

Dr. Devgan took care of my eyes and I can honestly say he is the best surgeon I have ever had as a doctor. His explanations of procedures is excellent. I fully understood what was going to happen and when so I was relaxed and calm. I have perfect results too! Today, 6 years later, my eyes still test at 20/15 which is good enough to be a pilot! I feel like I have bionic eyes. =) I highly recommend Dr. Devgan and his team for anyone considering any type of eye procedure. They're top notch!

Posted by Sejal

I have known Dr. Devgan for 2 years. He is an extremely good doctor and a wonderful human being. Prior to my two surgeries I was very nervous and scared. Dr. Devgan spent a lot of time with me explaining in great detail, put me at ease and he was extremely kind, compassionate and gentle. Both the surgeries were very successful and I am happy with the results. He is always available to answers all questions with great care and patience. I feel that I am blessed to have him as my doctor. I highly recommend Dr. Devgan.

Posted by Fred

I would like to thank you for my unique experience with your cataract procedure which was positive medical experience.

Not only were you the expected professional, but despite all the accolades, achievements in your profession you made me feel at ease. Not only do you have a passion for your work but your compassion for your patients was welcomed. Your "down to earth" way of explaining procedure and the "how's" and why's" of it was a delight.

Your staff was an example of your attitude and influence as they made my experience a positive one.

Your follow-up was again another positive learning experience. You patiiently answered my questions and explained and demonstrated in layman terms.

Posted by Ursula

I trust Dr. Devgan with my precious eyes and would trust him with my life. he has wonderful bedside manners, is warm and personable and passionate about his work. he wants to deeply involve the patient in understanding the work that needs to be done. he teaches and explains and most of all makes you comfortable and feel secure with him. he is extraordinarily talented and very experienced. i would never see anyone else and send all my friends and family there.
i have a rare birth defect in one eye and needed cataract surgery and was scared UNTIL i met dr. devgan. i went into surgery calm and trusting him completely. every encounter with him has been a joy.

Posted by Mark

I had LASIK performed by Dr. Devgan and his staff about two years ago. The morning after surgery I was seeing 20/15 (better than perfect). The procedure was quick and painless, and his staff was great throughout the entire process. If you are on the fence about getting it done - do it. And if you are trying to find a great ophthalmologist, look no further. Best thing I've ever done!

Posted by Matt

Dr. Devgan accomplished what two other LA area eye surgeons refused to do. He implanted an accommodating lens in my eye after discussing ALL the options, risks and expected outcome. He was VERY thorough and took the time to answer ALL my questions.

My first cataract was an extremely difficult one, but Dr. Devgan took care of it. I went from 20/1400 to 20/20 vision in an eye that had a detached retina that had been repaired previously.

The second cataract surgery was even easier. I am EXTREMELY SATISFIED with my vision which is now 20/20 without glasses and without the need for reading glasses. I can drive, read, use an iPhone, computer and do ANYTHING without glasses.

I would ABSOLUTELY recommend Dr. Devgan to anyone who wants the BEST possible eye surgery anywhere!  

Posted by Jeff Weiss, PhD

Was referred by the CEO of Bauch and Lomb, who used him to develop and test their new lens. Said he was simply the best IOL surgeon around. Friendly,easy, good sense of humor. Did a killer job, I send all my friends and family and clients

"High risk" cataract (Posterier Polar) patient THRILLED to have found Dr. Devgan!

Posted by Tammy

Dr. Devgan is an amazing surgeon and a wonderful human being! I was so lucky to discover him!
I am a healthy 50 year old woman. I had a rare type of cataract, Posterier Polar Cataracts (hereditary), on both of my eyes.
Last year, I finally got my nerve up and had cataract surgery! Unfortunately, I used a different surgeon to perform this surgery on my left eye. This cataract lens replacement surgery was a disaster and I had to endure three eye surgeries before I was able to receive a replacement lens. What a nightmare!

I decided to wait a few months before fixing my other eye. I needed time to find a new surgeon. Luckily, a friend of mine in the optical sales industry told me about Dr. Devgan. He said Dr. Devgan was THE BEST! I wish I had asked him for a referral last year!

I was obviously VERY nervous about having cataract surgery again. Dr. Devgan and his caring staff were a breath of fresh air to me! Dr. Devgan was comforting and understood my fears. He carefully explained in detail how HIS surgical technique was different and better than the first surgeons. Lucky for me, Dr. Devgan is world renowned for his development of surgical techniques and instruments specifically designed for Posterier Polar Cataracts! He even showed me a couple of videos of him performing this surgery! Amazing!

He was so kind and understanding as well as very professional with his approach to convincing me that he was more than qualified to perform my right eye cataract lens replacement surgery. He even gave me his personal cell phone number to call him if I had questions or needed to talk about my fears before surgery.
The surgery went perfectly! I was in and out of the surgery center in just a couple of hours. I was even able to enjoy a "crystal clear" lunch at a restaurant with my husband immediately after surgery!

Dr. Devgan is a remarkable surgeon and a kind man! I highly recommend him for any type of eye surgery.

Posted by Ric

I was VERY nervous about having any operation on my eyes. After the first cataract removal, I couldn't wait to have the other eye fixed. The procedure was fast and painless. And, I could see again. There were bright blues and bright colors, not just the blurry yellow cast I had become used to. Dr. Devgan truly cares about his patients and explains the procedures well, and calls to follow up. I highly recommend him.

Posted by Jose

My mother had a very serious cataract in her right eye,her sight in that eye was considered being legally blind.Dr.Uday Devgan won us over by his genuine care and attention and confidence!!Dr.Devgan removed my mothers cataract and now my mom can even thread a needle.And read magazines with no glasses.If ever her other eye develops a cataract she tells me she has blind faith in this Doctor!!I Dr. Uday Devgan after the surgery about 3 hours later as my mom and I went to eat and celebrate a successful operation her cell phone rang and it was Dr.Uday Devgan asking how she was doing? He checks up on us and we can see his genuine concern!!WOW!!This Doctor truly treated my mom with dignity/genuine love as if she were his mom!!Is why this Doctor is truly a rare breed!!And we will always be grateful,thanks Doctor Devgan!!If anyone doubts?Try and see for yourself this is really a great doctor!!I really hope anyone who may read this to try this Doctor!!You will not be disappointed,he sees his patients as his family is the feeling my mother and I perceived!!I do not know how to thank Doctor Devgan but by recommend him to others!!Thanks who ever you may be for reading our review,I close by writing one last thought...it is a scary lonely feeling to see your family member as I with my mother and seeing she relied on me to look after her ..where do i look??Who do i go see?I am grateful my mother can now see out of her right eye and that we have found an able caring eye surgeon in Doctor Uday Devgan!!Thanks AVVO,we really appreciate being given the opportunity to tell others of our experience with a great Doctor,hopefully this can be of great encouragement and help to others going threw a hard eye situation!!  Glasses free for the first time since 4th grade!